Influenceable Tries To Conceal Connections Amid Mounting Allegations

These revelations are more than just a sordid tale of digital manipulation; they expose the underbelly of Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies' deceitful intent.

Influenceable Tries To Conceal Connections Amid Mounting Allegations

In the wake of damning revelations brought to light by Scorecard Confessions, concerning the intricate web of associations between Texas Scorecard and both a Russian and US political consultant, a tangled narrative of cover-ups and manipulation begins to unravel. Scorecard Confessions exposé has been corroborated by a trove of screen captures recently released by Current Revolt.

These incriminating screenshots obtained by Current Revolt unveil an effort orchestrated by Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies to solicit reposts of tweets by paid ‘influencers’ contracted out by Influenceable. These reposts are intended to either shield Ken Paxton, Texas' Attorney General, from criticisms or to launch attacks against members of the Texas House of Representatives who supported Paxton's impeachment. Notably, the content of these messages mirrors the details laid out in Scorecard Confessions' earlier report.

Amidst this controversy, Current Revolt further highlights the outcome of their recent poll on the X platform. This poll highlighted a glaring public demand for transparency surrounding the legitimacy of tweets that potentially skirt Twitter's advertising policies.

Unraveling the Timeline of Manipulation

Digging deeper, Current Revolt unearths revelations concerning the inception of the gaslighting campaign by Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies, facilitated through the use of Keyhole analytics. A leaked strategy document provides insights into the role of Influenceable, a significant player in this tangled web.

Influenceable, as noted in the leaked strategy document, uses Keyhole to track engagement metrics, determining remuneration for their so-called "influencers."

What remains particularly striking is the intended use of the leaked strategy document: not merely coordinating ordinary manipulation, but knowingly spreading conspiracy theories. Specifically, this theory contends that White Nationalist Nick Fuentes operates covertly as an undercover FBI Agent, a notion apparently tailored to distinguish his perspectives from those championed by Tucker Carlson.

Pinpointing when paid influencing commenced

An analysis of Keyhole's data illuminates a conspicuous spike in the usage of hashtags like #DrunkDade and #TexasCorruption on the X platform, aligning closely with the period of Ken Paxton's impeachment vote in the Texas House. Intriguingly, these hashtags are predominantly propagated by the same set of 'influencers.'

Michael Quinn Sullivan pays Influenceable to traffic his latest conspiracy theory

The web of connection further thickens with the entry of Michael Quinn Sullivan, who compensated Influenceable to propagate his latest conspiracy theory.

The unveiling of Sullivan's conspiracy theory, claiming that covert Democrats masquerade as Republicans to destroy Texas, is one of the usual tactics of deceit by the Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies. This familiarity is no coincidence, given that a substantial number of their associates have deep-rooted affiliations with the Qanon conspiracy theory and have previously suggested the COVID-19 vaccines caused Paxton's impeachment.

From Scorecard Confessions report on May 29:

Tony McDonald, an attorney for the Fiscal Index Foundation, electronically signed the Public Information Report. McDonald's other clients have included Ron Watkins, a central figure in the "QAnon” movement who is widely believed to be “Q.” - The Texas Voice

...It's the Cover-Up

Recent efforts by Texas Scorecard’s Axis of Allies appear to be geared toward burying these connections. Influenceable's website has discreetly removed a page detailing their "Swarm Campaigns". The modus operandi of these campaigns involves orchestrated bombardments of social media networks with coordinated content. Influenceable has paid lesser-known "influencers" to promote specific tweets, providing explicit instructions on how to endorse these messages.

Artemii Korshunov, a prominent figure in Influenceable, is at the center of this scandal. Notably, Korshunov removed photographs capturing his association with key figures, including top funder of The Enterprise, Tim Dunn, Trump advisor Brad Parscale, and Christian Nationalist Sean Feucht.

Connections to Brad Parscale and Caitlyn Jenner's Foray

Delving deeper, the links between Brad Parscale and Influenceable emerge prominently. Parscale's recent relocations raise eyebrows; a shift from Florida to Ohio and ultimately to Midland, Texas. Strikingly, Midland also serves as the base for Tim Dunn, a key financier of The Enterprise.

Influenceable's association with Parscale is far from subtle. While Influenceable's website lists some of Parscale's enterprises as partners, private messages sent by Galen Quillen, Influenceable's Head of Recruitment, suggest that Parscale owns Influenceable. The emergence of Artemii Korshunov's role further solidifies their close relationship, as he transitions from Chief Strategy Officer of Today Is America, a company Parscale took over, to a role in Influenceable.

The Intersection of Celebrity and Manipulation

Influenceable's ability to gaslight escalated with the involvement of celebrity Caitlyn Jenner. Her endorsement of Ken Paxton on the X platform piques interest, as it appears to be a significant show of support for the embattled Attorney General.

However, beneath the surface lies Brad Parscale's role as Jenner's chief advisor during her bid for California's governorship. Parscale's Campaign Nucleus, a platform featured on Influenceable's website, was used for Jenner's campaign.

Caroline Wren also was an advisor to Jenner:

Jenner is also being assisted by Caroline Wren who previously worked at Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee for President Trump's 2020 campaign.

As Scorecard Confessions revealed on June 15, Caroline Wren is closely tied to Texas Scorecard’s Axis of Allies:

  • Wren helped fund the January 6 insurrection
  • In her testimony to the January 6th Committee she disclosed being in contact with Ken Paxton regularly.
  • Became Kari Lake’s campaign manager in her failed bid to become Arizona Governor.
  • Became campaign manager for Harmeet Dhillon in her failed bid to become RNC Chair.

All of these connections beg the question, did Jenner receive compensation by Influenceable to tweet support for Ken Paxton?

UPDATE: August 14 - Texas Tribune published an article that corroborates much of Scorecard Confessions report released on July 17.

The Deceitful Tactics of Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies Have Been Corroborated

A note from the writers

In the age of digital dominance, where information flows ceaselessly through our screens and social media platforms, the power of persuasion has never been more potent. Yet, what happens when this power is wielded behind the scenes, in the shadows of digital corridors? Recent revelations surrounding Influenceable and its alleged ties to Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies paint a chilling picture of orchestrated campaigns, concealed connections, and a deliberate manipulation of public opinion.

The scandal is one of deception and a maze of affiliations that span from political bloggers and consultants to celebrities. Our exposé into Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies working with Russian and US political players unwilling to engage with US authorities over their Russia connections, was merely the beginning. The subsequent revelations by Current Revolt, which lay out a cascade of incriminating screenshots, provide a corroborated testament to the gravity of these allegations.

The screenshots are the missing puzzle pieces, showing a clear pattern of behavior that extends far beyond mere happenstance. The requests to repost tweets in defense of Ken Paxton or attacking those who supported his impeachment reveal a calculated effort to shape the narrative in favor of a particular agenda. It's as if Influenceable and Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies were operating in a shadowy echo chamber, manipulating public discourse while evading the public eye and skirting required campaign finance disclosures.

But the deceit doesn't end there. The revelation of "Swarm Campaigns," where coordinated content is unleashed on social media networks, highlights the depths of their stratagem. Influenceable's strategy, where they allegedly pay lesser-known "influencers" to promote specific tweets, adds a layer of cynical calculation to their operations.

The removal of information, the erasing of connections, and the cloak-and-dagger tactics all hint at a deliberate attempt to conceal their actions. The erasure of Artemii Korshunov's involvement from his Instagram page and Influenceable's website only further deepens the curiosity: What else might they be trying to hide?

These revelations are more than just a sordid tale of digital manipulation; they expose the underbelly of Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies deceitful intent. As the curtain is pulled back, Texans are left grappling with the implications of the actions of Texas Scorecard's Axis of Allies. The need for transparency, accountability, and an informed public has never been more urgent. Our information landscape is shifting, and the battle for truth is more complex than ever. The revelations surrounding Influenceable serve as a stark reminder that we must scrutinize, question, and demand transparency to protect the integrity of our public discourse and democratic processes.

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