Dan Patrick Wants Gains from Cash Linked To Anti-Semite-Hosting PAC

Throughout this scandal, Dan Patrick has consistently fallen short when faced with moral scrutiny. The question now is whether he can successfully navigate the Matt Rinaldi test.

Dan Patrick Wants Gains from Cash Linked To Anti-Semite-Hosting PAC

Almost a month ago, disturbing revelations came to light, exposing the connections between Dan Patrick's major donors and notorious anti-Semite Nick Fuentes. The full extent of this concerning relationship is thoroughly dissected by Scorecard Confessions within The Enterprise.

Since then, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has gone to great lengths to avoid returning the $3,000,000 he received from a group collaborating with individuals tied to extremist ideologies, including Nazis. His tactics even extend to acting as a spokesperson for Tim Dunn, a prominent funder of The Enterprise, as highlighted in a recent report:

"I accept Mr. Dunn at his word. I know him to be a man of integrity and an avid and staunch supporter of Israel," Patrick said. " ... Like all contributions we receive, they are accepted on good faith. I see no reason to return the PAC’s contribution." (source)

In a recent statement, Patrick once again omitted any direct criticism of Dunn or the PAC, announcing his intention to retain the $3,000,000 contribution for the purchase of Israeli bonds:

"Today I am announcing my campaign is purchasing $3 million in bonds for Israel. Israel needs our help now in the fight against terrorism."

Rather than complying with Speaker Dade Phelan's call to donate the money to charities supporting Israel or Jewish causes, Dan Patrick has chosen the path of self-enrichment, opting to invest the money in Israeli bonds, promising a return on interest or dividends.

Patrick also made a call for the purification of the Republican Party from anti-Semitic influences, emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing social media when appointing leaders. However, this statement raises an important question: What about those who shield or collaborate with anti-Semites?

For the sake of argument, let's assume that Patrick would agree that those who support or protect those engaging with anti-Semites have no place in the Texas GOP. In that case, where is Dan Patrick's call for the resignation of Matt Rinaldi?

What Prompted Dan Patrick's Turnabout?

Dan Patrick's recent actions, despite his ongoing reluctance to take any steps that deviate from defending the backers of organizations collaborating with anti-Semites, raise questions about his motivations. The timing of these moves is notably conspicuous, especially in light of the Texas Tribune currently working on an article related to these controversial ties and has reached out to Patrick for comments.

Matt Rinaldi Continues To Protect His Pals

In recent days, Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi has undertaken extraordinary efforts to suppress dissent within the RPT State Republican Executive Committee. He has employed individuals like Naomi Narvaiz and Jill Glover to intimidate fellow committee members and obstruct the release of a statement condemning Defend Texas Liberty PAC, just as Dan Patrick has refrained from directly condemning it.

Rinaldi consistently utilizes these two individuals as proxies to proactively handle any potential accountability for The Enterprise or its associated undertakings.

In earlier investigations, Scorecard Confessions has exposed both Glover and Narvaiz engaged in executing Rinaldi's less savory tasks.

FLASHBACK: The Bryan Slaton Coverup

Here's Jill Glover fighting as hard as she can to prevent SREC members from condemning Bryan Slaton, who was expelled from the Texas House of Representatives for raping a teenage staffer.

Jill Glover Text Image 1

Here's Narvaiz parroting Jill Glover's discouragement:

Jill Glover Text Image 3

Rinaldi Initiates Quarantine of Constituent Communication with SREC Members

Rinaldi has gone a step further by removing the emails of all SREC members from the Texas GOP website, citing multiple phishing attempts as the reason for this action. However, the selective removal of email addresses raises doubts, as the addresses of all county chairs remain available on the website.

Rinaldi's move to sequester RPT SREC members came after they were contacted by the press, including the Texas Tribune, which prompted Dan Patrick to announce his intention to purchase $3,000,000 worth of Israeli bonds.

Limited Group of SREC Members Release Their Own Statement For A Second Time

Like the Slaton scandal, a faction of SREC members staunchly opposed maintaining silence on the Nick Fuentes matter. This was in direct defiance of Matt Rinaldi's attempts to suppress their voices.

These members went a step beyond both Rinaldi and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, explicitly naming Defend Texas Liberty PAC and Jonathan Stickland in their criticism.

Stickland's Departure

Reports have surfaced indicating that Jonathan Stickland, the president of Defend Texas Liberty PAC, was replaced by Luke Macias, a political consultant for Bryan Slaton. Macias has been active in efforts to protect Ken Paxton, the impeached Attorney General, and has even released a cringe worthy music video in support of him.

Notably, Macias was caught describing the controversy surrounding Stickland's association with anti-Semites as a 'nothing burger,' raising questions about whether Stickland remains connected to The Enterprise's inner circle.

Tim Dunn's Overt Support for Israel

In an unusual departure from his usual approach, Tim Dunn has been consistently tweeting about his support for Israel. This is a stark contrast to his usual practice of having surrogates speak on his behalf. However, conspicuous by its absence in Dunn's messaging is his support for Jews.

Dunn has a history of anti-Semitism, exemplified by his refusal to collaborate with former Texas House Speaker Joe Straus simply because of his Jewish faith.

Then the conversation moved on to evangelical social policy, and, according to Straus insiders, Dunn astonished Straus, who is Jewish, by saying that only Christians should be in leadership positions. (source)

Distinguishing Between Supporting Israel and Supporting Jews

Supporting Israel's right to exist and supporting the rights of Jewish people are distinct concepts. While supporting Israel acknowledges the state's sovereignty and political existence, supporting Jews extends to the broader protection of their human rights and dignity globally. It encompasses combating discrimination, anti-Semitism, and hate crimes while safeguarding their rights to live without persecution based on their identity.

Tim Dunn has consistently shown support for one while neglecting the other.

Phelan Echoes Patrick's Sentiments, Calls on RPT Chair Matt Rinaldi to resign

Late Monday, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan called for the resignation of Matt Rinaldi, echoing Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick's concerns. He went even further:

"Lt. Governor Patrick correctly points out that we have problems that need to be addressed in the formal structure of the Republican Party of Texas. If we are to 'root out this cancer,' as Lt. Governor Patrick states, those efforts begin with Matt Rinaldi's resignation as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas."

Recently, Speaker Dade Phelan has been challenging Lieutenant Governor Patrick's stance in the Nick Fuentes scandal on multiple fronts:

  • Initially, Phelan called on all politicians to return funds from Defend Texas Liberty, but Patrick refused to comply.
  • Subsequently, Dan Patrick affirmed his refusal to return the money, while expressing agreement with the Republican Party's stance against anti-Semites. Phelan seized upon Patrick's own statements to advocate for the removal of one of the Lieutenant Governor's key allies.

Throughout this scandal, Dan Patrick has consistently fallen short when faced with moral scrutiny. The question now is whether he can successfully navigate the Matt Rinaldi test.

It's Past Time for the Texas GOP to Uncover the Truth

Recent events have unfolded, shedding light on concerning affiliations and questionable actions within the Texas Republican Party. As citizens deeply committed to the principles of our great state, we believe it is crucial for State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) members to critically evaluate the information and decide what is truly in the best interests of the party.

The revelations surrounding key figures such as Jonathan Stickland, Matt Rinaldi, Jill Glover, Naomi Narvaiz, Luke Macias, and others associated with The Enterprise demand close scrutiny. It's time for SREC members to realize that they may be routinely misled and that the integrity of the party is at stake.

The recent exposure of the Nick Fuentes scandal has raised serious concerns. It has prompted Speaker Dade Phelan and other leaders to take decisive action, calling for accountability. However, some key figures within the party have been less forthcoming. It is now clear that certain individuals have not only embraced divisive ideologies but have also worked tirelessly to suppress dissent and avoid responsibility.

For the betterment of the Texas Republican Party and its core principles, it is vital for SREC members to be aware of the facts and make informed decisions. The duty of the SREC is to represent the grassroots and act in the best interests of the party as a whole. Therefore, we call upon SREC members to engage in thorough research, engage in open dialogue, and carefully assess the individuals they support.

In conclusion, we believe that the party's integrity, unity, and adherence to the values it stands for are of paramount importance. The Texas Republican Party should be a beacon of conservative values, free from any association with divisive ideologies or individuals. It is the responsibility of every SREC member to ensure this vision becomes a reality.

Now is the time for SREC members to reclaim the party from those who may not have its best interests at heart. It is only through collective discernment and unwavering commitment to truth and unity that we can move forward and continue to serve the great state of Texas with honor and integrity.

DISCLAIMER: Texas Scorecard Confessions is NOT affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way connected with Texas Scorecard. The Texas Scorecard website can be found at https://texasscorecard.com/.