The Enterprise Has Ben Shapiro Surrounded

The Enterprise continues aligning itself with individuals who promote hateful ideologies.

The Enterprise Has Ben Shapiro Surrounded

In a recent turn of events, far-right personalities Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk have been accused of engaging in anti-Semitic attacks. Owens, a host on the Farris Wilks-funded DailyWire, has been directing numerous anti-Semitic remarks towards Wilks' business partner, Ben Shapiro. Kirk, founder of Turning Points USA, has appeared to side with Owens in this conflict. Scorecard Confessions reported on the The Enterprise’s ties to The DailyWire in May.

Earlier this week, Shapiro criticized Owens' behavior relating to the Israel-Hamas war as ‘disgraceful’:

Owens' long-standing relationship with Wilks, a key funder of The Enterprise, is noteworthy. She was one of the first major hires for Wilks-funded Prager U and was among the few programs that transitioned to The DailyWire when the two entities merged.

Kirk's ties to The Enterprise also exist. He has close connections with Doug Deason, who serves on the board of Turning Points USA. Deason, like Tim Dunn a key funder of The Enterprise, also serves on the board of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Kirk's Turning Point USA played a significant role in funding and promoting 'Students for Trump,' led by Ryan Fourtiner. Fourtiner was one of the 'influencers' paid to promote manufactured tweets in support of Ken Paxton before his impeachment trial. This scheme was exposed by Scorecard Confessions in July.

Escalating Anti-Semitism Within The Enterprise

In recent months, numerous reports have highlighted a disturbing shift within The Enterprise towards hiring, courting, and promoting individuals affiliated with anti-Semitism. Nick Fuentes stands out as one of the most prominent offenders.

Despite Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick's attempts to defend The Enterprise, the organization has remained largely silent on the issue, refusing to address questions or provide details about their meeting with Fuentes or their hiring practices. This silence is particularly concerning given the disproportionate representation of individuals associated with Fuentes and his hateful Nazism-linked beliefs within their satellite groups.

The recent anti-Semitic actions of Owens and Kirk, coupled with The Enterprise's apparent tolerance for such behavior, raise serious concerns about the organization's values and commitment to combating bigotry. The Enterprise's silence on these issues further amplifies these concerns and calls for urgent action to address the growing anti-Semitism within its ranks.

Is The Enterprise Shifting Allegiances?

The recent anti-Semitic attacks by Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk, coupled with The Enterprise's silence on the issue, have prompted concerns about the cabal shifting allegiances. It is becoming increasingly apparent that The Enterprise may be distancing itself from Ben Shapiro, who has been a vocal critic of anti-Semitism, and aligning itself with individuals who promote such hateful ideologies. This shift is likely driven by The Enterprise's desire to maintain its appeal to a growing segment of the far-right that is increasingly embracing anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The Enterprise's silence on the issue further reinforces the notion that it is turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism within its ranks. By refusing to address the concerns raised by Shapiro and others, The Enterprise is essentially condoning and perpetuating this hateful ideology.

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