The Antisemitism Is Unending

Despite Dan Patrick's claims of ignorance, his major donors have always hired outspoken antisemites, something Patrick asserts he never witnessed.

The Antisemitism Is Unending

In a recent development, freelance journalist Amanda Moore has shed light on an intriguing revelation involving Chris Russo, the President of Texans for Strong Borders. According to Moore's investigation, Russo allegedly held the position of a 'Groyper General' within the controversial pro-Nazi community associated with Nick Fuentes.

Moore's discovery stemmed from an audio conversation that was recorded on Clubhouse, a social audio platform that notably served as the inspiration for Twitter's 'Spaces' feature.

From Amanda Moore at The Turtle Diaries:

While rumors have circulated for years that TSB founder and President Chris Russo might be Optics Respecter, no one had definitive proof. But an archived tweet and a recording of a Clubhouse chat seem to link Optics Respecter to Chris Russo.

To compare, you can listen to an episode of Houston Morning News Russo appeared on earlier this year, or watch part of a speech he gave for The Logbook. In addition, I sent the audio of Optics Respecter to someone personally familiar with Russo, who confirmed the voice behind Optics belonged to Russo.

Moore's investigation corroborates Scorecard Confessions report published on October 11:

Fuentes was chauffeured around by Chris Russo, a prominent figure associated with the Texas for Strong Borders group. Russo, who went by the pseudonym 'Optics Respecter,' had been actively involved in Fuentes' community known as the 'groypers' for several years, as confirmed by sources to Scorecard Confessions.

More Luke Macias Deceptions

Throughout the ongoing scandal, Luke Macias, the political consultant serving disgraced Texas House representative Bryan Slaton and recently appointed President of Defend Texas Liberty, along with Jonathan Stickland, have faced scrutiny for their alleged dishonesty in their communications with allies and clients. These alleged falsehoods, as highlighted in a a recent article, have been rapidly debunked as quickly as they are delivered.

Recent reports from Scorecard Confessions indicate that Macias has categorically denied any involvement with Nick Fuentes or his followers, who have been associated with Nazi sympathies, beyond the one meeting reported by The Texas Tribune earlier this month. However, investigative work by Moore has exposed another layer of deception in Macias' narrative. It has been confirmed that one of the feeder-PACs under his supervision at The Enterprise maintains a longstanding alliance with Nick Fuentes, directly contradicting Macias' denials. Furthermore, recent revelations by The Texas Tribune have brought to light additional individuals within The Enterprise's PACs and political agencies who have connections to Nick Fuentes and other white supremacist organizations.

In a startling revelation, investigative journalist Steven Monacelli of the Texas Observer has exposed a connection between Luke Macias and a member of the "Goyim Defense League" (GDL), an organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The term "Goyim" originates from Yiddish and refers to a non-Jewish person.

Monacelli's investigation unveiled the presence of Barry Young, who had a documented internship working under Luke Macias, as indicated on his LinkedIn profile.

The Growing List Antisemitic Associates within The Enterprise

In a startling exposé, individuals associated with The Enterprise, a group linked to the controversial Defend Texas Liberty movement, have been uncovered for their alarming affiliations and beliefs. These revelations include:

Ella Maulding

  • A social media coordinator for Jonathan Stickland's consulting firm, has been found to openly praise Nick Fuentes as the "greatest civil rights leader in history" (source). Maulding is an avid follower of Fuentes, with shared photos on social media featuring the two together. She has also been known to propagate elements of the QAnon conspiracy theory and frequently inundates her extensive followers with content espousing a "white genocide" theory, which attributes coordinated actions to Jews through immigration – a deeply troubling neo-Nazi belief that has, for years, served as a justification for racist acts of terrorism and violence, as exemplified by the 2019 El Paso Walmart shooting incident (source).

Shelby Griesinger

  • The Treasurer for Defend Texas Liberty, has faced criticism for making social media claims suggesting that Jews worship a false god and for sharing memes that depict them as adversaries of Republicans (source).

Konner Earnest

  • A rising figure in far-right Texas politics, founded a student group during his high school years that hosted Carson Wolf, a collaborator of Nick Fuentes, and Vince Dao, co-founder of a spin-off group associated with Fuentes' "America First" movement (source). In an interview last year, Earnest expressed his admiration for Fuentes, other far-right figures, and disclosed his involvement in the 2022 campaign of Don Huffines (source).

True Texas Project

  • Several members with direct ties to Defend Texas Liberty have demonstrated extremist views over the years, including Julie McCarty, the founder of True Texas Project. In the aftermath of the El Paso Walmart tragedy, McCarty appeared to express sympathy for the shooter's belief in the "great replacement theory," a foundational white supremacist concept that alleges an intentional, often Jewish-driven effort to replace white people through immigration, interracial marriage, and the LGBTQ+ community. While she stated that she did not condone the shooter's actions, she indicated understanding of their motivation (source).

  • True Texas Project Board Member Ryan McCubbin:

Are there Fuentes Acolytes within the Texas Legislature?

Chris Russo, the President of Texans for Strong Borders, has been linked to the Fuentes camp. The growing concern of this association lies in the fact that Russo simultaneously was working alongside Fuentes while employed by the US Government at NASA.

The Enterprise's Infiltration: A Troubling Pattern

Beyond Russo's case, mounting evidence suggests that The Enterprise has systematically oscillated staff between government institutions, like the Texas Legislature, and political entities has led to a pressing question: How many Fuentes acolytes may have already infiltrated government institutions across the state?

National and State Security Concerns

The implications of these potential infiltrations are profound. As the public becomes aware of who The Enterprise has managed to place within the state government, concerns about both state and national security inevitably arise. The extent to which individuals with extremist ideologies and affiliations may influence decision-making processes within government institutions poses a serious challenge to the integrity and safety of our state and the nation as a whole.

The revelation of Fuentes acolytes serving within the Texas Legislature and US Government underscores the need for a thorough and transparent investigation to ensure the preservation of the democratic process, in addition to state and national security.

Dan Patrick needs to clarify which “blunder” was the “serious blunder” Tim Dunn was referencing

During Dan Patrick's tenure as spokesperson for Tim Dunn, he conspicuously refrained from publicly addressing whether Dunn distanced himself from the views advocated by Nick Fuentes. This omission is particularly noteworthy due to the apparent similarity between their perspectives on the Jewish community.

In Tim Dunn's case, he was reported to have made a striking statement during a conversation on evangelical social policy, suggesting that "only Christians should be in leadership positions." (Source: Texas Monthly)

Nick Fuentes perspective:

Given the resemblance between Tim Dunn's perspective and that of Nick Fuentes, it raises questions about the nature of the singular "serious blunder" alluded to by Dunn. This ambiguity necessitates clarification:

  • Does the 'serious blunder' refer to the first meeting with Fuentes, or the subsequent one?
  • Is Tim Dunn simply labeling The Enterprise's record of employing numerous individuals with Nazi affiliations over several years as a mere 'blunder,' or does it ascend to the status of a 'serious blunder', too?

Matt Rinaldi's Conference Room Explaination Falls Apart

Matt Rinaldi's version of events regarding his visit to the Pale Horse office has begun to unravel. He claimed to disavow Nick Fuentes and distanced himself from any intention to meet with him, asserting that he was there to utilize a conference room. However, discrepancies in his account have come to light.

Rinaldi initially mentioned that he was there to borrow "a" conference room, yet a source for Scorecard Confessions revealed that Pale Horse has just one conference room, and the office spaces are relatively small. It's likely that he meant to say he was there to use "the" conference room, which, incidentally, was also the location of the Nick Fuentes meeting.

While Rinaldi has maintained that the timing of his presence at Pale Horse coincided with the Fuentes meeting purely by chance, there are no coincidences in Willow Park.

The real question is whether Nick Fuentes' beliefs are as distant from Matt Rinaldi's as he claims them to be?

A Look Back: Rinaldi's Controversial ICE Call from the House Floor

Matt Rinaldi made headlines as a state representative when he called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on protesters in the House gallery. The incident occurred during a heated debate over Senate Bill 4 (SB4), a contentious Texas law targeting sanctuary cities and immigration enforcement.

Rinaldi's call to ICE triggered a tumultuous scuffle in the Texas House of Representatives, with lawmakers exchanging heated words and accusations. Democrats accused Rinaldi of profiling and making threats, while he maintained that he had been assaulted and was compelled to call ICE on the protesters.

“There was a threat made from Representative Rinaldi to put a bullet in one of my colleagues’ heads,” state Rep. Justin Rodriguez said during the news conference. “That kind of threatening language, he needs to be called out and held accountable for.” (source)

Recent Development: Rinaldi's Termination of Last Minority Employee at RPT

Unbeknownst to SREC Members until now, Scorecard Confessions can confirm that Troy Jackson, the RPT Chaplain and the last remaining minority employee at the state Republican Party, was quietly removed from his position.

Curiously, Matt Rinaldi has not reported this termination to the SREC Members, and the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) website remains void of any official statement regarding Jackson's departure. The question arises: Why has the departure of Troy Jackson been concealed from the executive committee?

Adding to the intrigue, sources have confirmed that Jackson's departure from the RPT coincided with the alleged first meeting Nick Fuentes had with Pale Horse in late summer. This curious timing prompts speculation about whether Rinaldi's discreet termination of the last non-white employee at RPT and the timing of the initial Fuentes meeting are more than mere coincidence.

There are no coincidences in Austin.

More Recent Development: Rinaldi Champions SREC Association with Controversial 'Young Republican' Group Infested with Antisemites

In a more recent development, Matt Rinaldi advocated for the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) of the Texas Republican Party to form an association with a newly established young Republicans organization. This move followed the voluntary termination of the previous affiliate, the Texas Young Republican Federation, which cited concerns with Texas Republican Party Chairman Matt Rinaldi as the reason for its disassociation.

The approval of the newly formed Young Republicans (YR) charter was met with confrontation during the SREC's last meeting. Rinaldi played a prominent role in pushing for its approval, alongside figures like Rachel Horton, Naomi Narviaz, and Jill Glover. These individuals also opposed the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) condemning the alleged rape of a legislative staffer for Bryan Slaton and have been vocal in their support of affiliating the state party with organizations with leadership sympathetic to Nazis and anti-Semites.

Young Republicans of Texas officially partnered with the Republican Party of Texas, a move in which Matt Rinaldi appeared to have significant involvement. As revealed by Amanda Moore, the YR group that Rinaldi advocated for tying to the Republican Party of Texas is found to have several followers of Nick Fuentes.

One notable example is Konner Earnest, the President of the Parker County YR chapter within this group. Earnest, who is also associated with the far-right New Future Caucus, expressed views that included seeking Nick Fuentes' autograph on a Mother Jones article, supporting the transformation of the GOP into a Christian nationalist party, defending "Groypers" (Fuentes' fans), and endorsing content associated with Nazi ideologies. It's worth noting that Konner Earnest is affiliated with The Enterprise's Pale Horse consulting firm, led by Jonathan Stickland.

Matt Rinaldi and Nick Fuentes Are More Alike Than Different
Upon a closer examination, it becomes increasingly challenging to argue that the viewpoints of Matt Rinaldi and Nick Fuentes are significantly divergent.

Evasive Double Standards

The Enterprise has repeatedly adopted a disconcerting approach of remaining tight-lipped, leaving Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick as their sole mouthpiece. What's particularly striking is the evident double standard at play; when the tables are turned, they vociferously demand answers and accountability, yet when the spotlight is on them, they choose silence.

The Enterprise has consistently rebuffed inquiries from reporters, offering no comments or explanations. This puzzling silence stands as a stark contrast to their usual demand for transparency and answers. The only recent response from The Enterprise came through Dan Patrick, who appeared to serve as a de facto spokesperson for Tim Dunn.

As more evidence continues to emerge, it becomes increasingly apparent that the "serious blunder" referenced by Tim Dunn was not related to rejecting Nick Fuentes or his antisemitic views. Instead, it appears to be getting caught doing so. The unrelenting trail of networks and employees with these troubling beliefs is extensive and seemingly unending, casting doubt on the sincerity of their repudiation of Fuentes and his ideologies in its entirety.

The Time For Accountability Is Now

Recent revelations have peeled back the layers of secrecy surrounding The Enterprise, casting a disconcerting light on its associations with rhetoric and influencers that have stoked the rise in antisemitic domestic terrorism activity in Texas. It is imperative that The Enterprise is forced to answer questions regarding the depth of these connections and provide a transparent account of their affiliations.

Freelance journalist Amanda Moore's meticulous investigation has exposed Chris Russo, the President of Texans for Strong Borders, as an alleged 'Groyper General' within the controversial pro-Nazi community linked to Nick Fuentes. The audio conversation on Clubhouse, a social audio platform, offers compelling evidence of this connection. The fact that Russo maintained this role while simultaneously serving at Texans for Strong Borders raises pressing questions about The Enterprise's tolerance for extremist ideologies.

The Enterprise's penchant for double standards is glaring. They have consistently demanded answers and accountability when the focus was on others, yet have adopted a concerning policy of silence when it comes to their own actions. This blatant evasiveness is at odds with their proclaimed commitment to transparency. The lone spokesperson for The Enterprise in these trying times has been Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a disconcerting silence considering the magnitude of the situation.

In light of the emerging evidence, it is becoming increasingly evident that the "serious blunder" mentioned by Tim Dunn was not tied to opposing The Enterprise meeting with Nick Fuentes or his antisemitic views. Instead, it seems the "serious blunder" was getting caught. The web of networks and employees with troubling beliefs continues to expand, raising legitimate doubts about the authenticity of their disavowal of Fuentes and his ideologies.

The Enterprise must be held to account. The questions loom large, and the public has a right to know the extent of these associations. It is time to tear down the shroud of secrecy that has enveloped The Enterprise and ensure unwavering accountability. The integrity of our democratic system and national security is at stake, and nothing short of transparency will suffice.

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