Does The Enterprise Employ Groypers AND Groomers?

The leadership of Defend Texas Liberty has practiced what Nick Fuentes preaches for years.

Does The Enterprise Employ Groypers AND Groomers?

In early October, Defend Texas Liberty (DTL) faced widespread criticism for its meeting with white supremacist Nick Fuentes. Despite releasing a statement that the organization does not endorse Fuentes' views, subsequent reports have revealed a disturbing pattern of support for Fuentes and his ideology among DTL employees and associates.

This disconnect between DTL's public statements and the actions of its members raises serious concerns about the organization's truthfulness.

Evidence of Possible Grooming Surfaces

Adding to the growing list of concerns surrounding DTL is the emerging evidence of possible grooming against its newly appointed president, Luke Macias. An anonymous tipster provided Scorecard Confessions screenshots from the wedding website "The Knot" detailing the relationship between Macias and his now-wife.

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According to the wedding announcement, Macias first met his then-12-year-old now-wife when he was 17. The significant age difference and the fact that Macias initially developed a romantic interest in his now-wife while she was still a child raises serious questions.

Experts on grooming behavior have identified several red flags in this scenario, including the age difference, the power imbalance between an adult and a minor, and the potential for manipulation and exploitation.

The announcement of the pending nuptials for Macias revealed some very troubling details:

Luke and Misha first met 8 years ago when Luke was 17 and Misha was 12.

For Misha, it was love at first sight, "My goodness, how strong he is", she thought as she gazed up at his shoulders. . . . at least that's how Luke likes to tell the story. Which leaves out some important facts, and mainly the truth.

They met one sunny, Sunday afternoon after church, and while it certainly wasn't love at first sight, they quickly found that each others company was quite enjoyable. Luke talked, a lot. But Misha didn't mind. Being the quiet person that she is, he saved her the trouble of awkwardly trying to talk all the time. Most importantly though, they were able to connect over the fact that they were both Christians, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, and desiring only to glorify Him in their lives.

As the years passed, their friendship grew stronger. About 3 years ago Luke noticed Misha, and began "taking an interest" around the Barcroft home. He started hanging out with Misha more often, and his visits to Corpus Christi grew ever more frequent. After some time of pursuing a deeper friendship with Misha, Luke realized that the time to date wasn't right for either of them. So, he carefully stepped into the background and waited until he felt that the Lord was telling him that the time to pursue Misha romantically had come. They began dating, and it wasn't too much later that the two of them began to fall deeper in love than either had originally thought was possible.

So, 10 months and 3 days after some serious dating, Luke surprised Misha by coming to her house on the back of a jetski, told her to hop on, and whisked her away to an old, stone, watchtower that was built on the State Park over 90 years ago. It was there that he asked her to become his wife, and obviously, she replied with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

In 2015 on July 11 and July 12 respectively, both Macias and his then fiancée posted engagement photos:

A deep-dive into the Macias wedding announcement

  • Age gap: When they first met, Luke was 17 and the girl was 12. This is a significant age gap, and it raises concerns about the power dynamics in the relationship. It is important to note that the girl was a minor when they met, and this could make her more vulnerable to manipulation or exploitation.
  • The 12 year-old girl's feelings: The announcement states that the girl was smitten with Luke from the moment they met, regardless of her interest in Macias, his pursuit of her was inappropriate.
  • Macias spent a lot of time with the girl between the ages of 12-17: Macias acknowledged that 'as the years passed', which for plurality argument sake is two, he was 'pursuing a deeper friendship' with the then-15 year old girl as a 20 year old male. Overall, Macias spent more time with his wife while significantly under age than he did before proposing marriage as an adult.
  • Timing of 'serious' dating: The announcement also states that Macias began taking a more serious interest in his wife when she was 17 and he was a 22 year old man.
  • Proposal story doesn't add up: The photos of Macias and his wife announcing their engagement seem to differ from the story where he claimed to have taken her on a jetski to a secluded area to propose. This discrepancy raises questions about the authenticity of the jetski proposal story, particularly given the business-casual attire worn by the couple in the engagement announcement photos, presumed to be taken immediately after Macias popped the question.

Nick Fuentes Endorses Romantic Pursuit of Underaged Girls

Recently, Nick Fuentes stated that he wanted to find a '16-year old wife' because 'that's when the (breast) milk is good', and he 'wanted to drink it right from the tap.'

Another member of the Fuentes 'Groypers', Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, went further to defend Fuentes desire for underage girls, "we really need to shoot lower then that. I don't think you should have to wait until the girl is 16. I think you should have forced child marriage."

This is Not New Within The Enterprise

  • In February 2023, Luke Bowen, the political director for Texas Right to Life an affiliate of The Enterprise was sentenced to five years in prison after admitting he tried to meet up with who he believed was a 13-year-old girl for sex. (source)
  • In May 2023, Bryan Slaton, who is a client of Macias, was expelled from the Texas House of Representatives for sleeping with a teenage legislative staffer and getting her drunk. (source)
  • On November 4, Macias encouraged adult men to 'date your daughters' on X, formerly known as Twitter:
DISCLAIMER: For privacy and safety reasons, some images are blurred to protect the identities of potential abuse victims.

Scorecard Confessions has obtained no evidence of inappropriate behavior between Macias' and his children.

A 2014 article by Tom Burns at The Good Men Project underscores why 'date your daughter' is such a perverse term to use:

Because dads and daughters, apparently, can’t just spend time together. They can’t hang out. They can’t go on field trips. Rather, if a father and daughter are out together in public, everyone says they’re on a DADDY-DAUGHTER DATE.

That’s the word they use—DATE.

For the record, I do not want to go on a date with my daughter. 

But, if I’m being honest, the term “Daddy-Daughter Date” just creeps me out to my core.

Why? Because I went on dates, a lot of dates, before I met her mother, and many of those dates were flirty, awkward, tense, embarrassing, and, occasionally, sexual. And I don’t like associating ANY of those words with my relationship with my daughter.

An article by Romper, a newsletter that caters to women figuring out motherhood, goes even further on the creepiness:

Moreover, it’s just… creepy. “Daddy-Daughter Date” sounds like a porno. You can’t escape the incest-inspired overtones of these dances and "dates." Research from the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault indicates that 10 million Americans have been the victims of incest, with 11 percent of rape victims specifically victimized by their father. One study published by Marshall University found that out of 1,521 individuals, 19 were victims of father-daughter incest. Incest has been cited as the most common of all child abuse by the New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault, and 43 percent of children who are abused are victimized by family members. Incest happens. It’s almost commonplace. To have such dances in this environment seems almost cruel — and possibly irresponsible, enabling predators to play out a Lolita-type fetish right under the eyes of God and the community.

"Just because it's illegal doesn't mean it's wrong"

In a recent livestream, responding to accusations that his persuit of underage women was pedophelic, 25 year old Fuentes responded by saying, "Even if it's not legal, it doesn't always mean it's wrong."

Seemingly yet another viewpoint where Macias agrees with Fuentes. Scorecard Confessions has previously reported Macias took the lead in trying to coverup Bryan Slaton's drunken sexual encounter with a teenager so intoxicated she was unable to consent:

As the saying goes, "It's not the crime, it's the cover-up." we have obtained exclusive details about Representative Slaton's recent scandal from several reliable sources. According to our sources, between April 3 and April 5, Representative Slaton held a meeting with his financial backers, political advisors, friendly bloggers, unregistered lobbyists, and legal advisors to discuss how best to conceal his sexual relationship with a 19-year-old.

The meeting, according to sources, took place at an Airbnb rented by a Texas Scorecard employee, where Representative Slaton admitted to everything that had been rumored about him. Understandably, his team of advisors was not pleased with his behavior. His political consultant, Luke Macias, reportedly gave him a stern rebuke for his actions. Our source confirms that this was the only discussion of Slaton's wrongdoing during the meeting.

Fuentes Antisemitism and The Enterprise Embracing His Beliefs Is Troubling; Why is it the Only One Condemned?

Fuentes views on the Holocaust and the Jewish people are abhorrent. While the focus has been on Fuentes' antisemitic beliefs and The Enterprise hiring employees who embrace his beliefs, it is imperative to also address other deeply troubling positions.

Given Fuentes' grotesque viewpoints, it is crucial to examine the stance of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick on this matter. His position on such concerning views, particularly given his close ties to DTL, demands a clear and concise explaination as to why he continues to defend The Enterprise whose employees practice what Nick Fuentes preaches.

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